Design Applications II • Spring 2019

1 month • January–February 2019

Project Type
Infographic, Data Visualization

Illustrator, InDesign
01 Project Description
The objective of this project was to create an infographic that was focused on bringing awareness to a specific social issue. The social issue I decided to pick was deaths related to school buses. Although school buses are deemed one of the safest vehicles on the road, I wanted to analyze the data and determine truly how safe they are.
The purpose of this project was to pick a social issue that I felt was important to convey in an infographic. The purpose of this would be to shed light on a topic that may or may not have existing infographics designed around it. An emphasis was put on collecting background research. This research would help guide design decisions throughout the project.
The goal of this project was to have a comprehensive infographic based on background research. Graphic elements throughout the design would be dictated by the data gathered in the research phase of the project.

Final design of Death by Education infographic.

02 Process
When it came to picking a social issue, many looked to areas they were familiar with or had an interest in calling awareness to. For me, it was my parents who led me to this topic. Both of my parents are school bus drivers. Because of this, I frequently here of all the instances of distracted drivers nearly causing accidents. 
This piqued my curiosity of how often this occured. Unfortunately, I later found out that the data supported my parents' qualms with distracted drivers.
With this being a data visualization project focusing on background research, I had a good portion of the data/content before I began the design phase. This allowed me to focus most of my early efforts into creating a strong composition with layout and hierarchy. Being able to plop information in allowed for the sketches to come off clearly to my peers during critiques.
In the end, my final composition didn't stray too far from my original concept. Albeit a name change and some positioning adjustments.

Concept sketch and early rough draft.

03 Reflection
This project was a very rewarding experience and taught me a great deal about an effective design process. This was the first instance of a research-heavy design project during my time at Sinclair. With such a large amount of time spent on collecting the statistics and doing background research, it shed a light on how design is practiced in a commercial sense.
Another perk was that I was able to develop a portfolio piece that tied in well with my parents profession.
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