Intermediate Visual Communication Design 2 • Fall 2020

5 months • August–December 2020

Project Type
Brand Identity Design

InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop
01 Project Description
The objective of this project was to gain an understanding of visual identifiers that can be implemented to convey a brand. These identifiers will be used to communicate a brand's messaging visually. Visual communication will be supported by user research data. This data would be collected via survey.
The purpose of this semester-long project was to explore all of the possible visual communication styles within a brand. The brand can either be made from scratch or an existing brand that might need further exploration. This project contains similar elements as my XIII Frame project two-years prior. This study was less focused on becoming a full branding manual but rather a quick booklet to be shown at a stakeholders meeting.
The goal for this project was to have a complete booklet that contained all important assets for a brand identity. This study focused on the key elements required within branding such as mark creation, color scheme, typography, etc.

kindly mark animation created in After Effects

02 Process
Tools in a toolbox
When it came to developing a brand identity, it was important that I understood how the end product would function when put in use. This is where I think of this project as a toolbox. A toolbox provides flexibility to solve any problem, and that is how I saw this project.
I needed to ensure I provided all of the right tools for the job. That way the job could get done.
The tools for this project were typography, color scheme, marks, symbols, imagery, stationery, etc.
Each of these tools must work with one another. That way the brand can come across as professional and complete. You can't just have a hammer and expect it to tighten a screw.

kindly mark creation process

03 Reflection
This semester was one of my favorites. I love brand identity design and this was the second time I've gotten the opportunity to take a course on it. Both classes had a semester-long branding project. These longer projects are enjoyable because you get to go into subtle details of the brand. I was able to apply what I had already known about brand design and couple it with what I learned throughout this project and semester.
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