Typographic Design • Autumn 2019
5 months • August–December 2019

Project Type
Typography Compositions
Illustrator, InDesign
01 Project Description
The objective of this project was to take a typeface and become an expert on it.
The purpose of this semester-long project was to explore all of the typographic possibilities of the typeface we were tasked with becoming experts on. The typeface I ended up picking was Franklin Gothic. My classmates and I were allowed to swap typefaces if we didn't like the one we were given. I turned down this opportunity and have been linked with this typeface ever since.
The goal for this project was to have a complete and comprehensive typographic study of my typeface by semester's end. This final deliverable would be a coil-bound french-folded book cultivating my 5 months' worth of work.

Uppercase letterforms set in Franklin Gothic.

02 Process
6 Projects. 1 Final Book.

This project as a whole was the culmination of 6 smaller projects. The first of which being strictly research-based (explained above). Summarizing 6 projects into a single book is a tall task. The only way to correctly do so is with strict instructions. A clear objective and plan are paramount to ensure everything is done correctly and in a timely fashion. The Autumn 2019 Typographic Design class was unique in that it was extremely structured. This was beneficial to me and my classmates because we always knew what we needed and when we needed it.
To ensure all of our typographic explorations progressed we critiqued often. A mixture of an individual with the instructor, small group, and class-wide critiques allowed for unique perspectives and discussions.

Me working on changes post-critique during a late night studio session.

03 Reflection
In the end, I was able to showcase all that I had learned in a comprehensive physical book as well as an electronic PDF shown in spreads. Overall I really enjoyed this project because it allowed me to take my knowledge of typography to the next level. Using what I learned in this class, I am able to apply typography to my current projects in a much more skillful and purposeful way.

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