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Design Research 2 • Autumn 2020

2–3 weeks • November 2020

Project Type
Design Research, Design Education

InDesign, Illustrator
01 Project Description
The objective of this project was to create a co-design research plan. This plan must be comprehensive enough that a design researcher could be given it and complete it based on the plan alone.
The purpose was to gain a better understanding of the co-design research process. This was done by completely laying out a design research plan. Each of my classmates was given this individual project and asked to come up with a specific topic of research. For my research plan, I wanted to do something that I had an interest in and also felt could be implemented in a real world setting. My topic was to look at how to optimize hybrid learning within design education.
The goal for this project was to come out of the class with a deep depth and breadth of understanding in design research. Not only in practice but also in planning.

Quote of the question I posed to myself that sparked the idea for this co-design plan.

02 Process
When it came to creating a research plan, I knew I had to start by first looking at what I wanted to include/needed to include. This is where my love of spreadsheets came into play. I first collected all of the information I could about the project including previous examples. I then went and audited these examples and began listing out what others included or didn't.
After it was all said and done, I ended up with a checklist of every facet of a research plan. I proceeded to go through and determine which things I wanted to include in mine and in what order.
This list allowed me to prioritize aspects of the research plan. Starting with the obvious ones of topic, problem space, background research, scope, focus, etc. and eventually ending with works cited and a reflection. 
This made the entire plan much easier to develop from scratch. I was able to compartmentalize each of the categories and work on them at varying times. This also helped because I was able to shift my focus and when I had a new method or technique I could explore, I was able to freely pivot and adjust my plan accordingly.

Detailed descriptions of all 5 research methods. These would be utilized to collect data from participants.

03 Reflection
After completing this project I can confidently say that this is an area of design I would like to pursue as I continue to grow as a designer. A big part of this decision was in part to my professor fostering an environment of creativity and problem-solving. For that, I thank Liz Sanders for aiding in my journey.​​​​​​​
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