Visual Communications Portfolio • Spring 2019
4 months • January–April 2019

Design Team
Jessica Valle, Justin Pokorski, Chris Pugh, Elizabeth Peterson

Project Type
Event Design, Signage, Variable Printing, 3D Printing

InDesign, Illustrator
01 Project Description
The objective of this project was to develop a visual system for Sinclair's 2019 portfolio show.
The purpose is to promote the 2019 portfolio show. This annual event allows 1st and 2nd-year students to showcase their work to industry professionals. This was an exciting and intriguing opportunity because it was one of the most extensive and large-scaled projects I had been apart of.
The goal for this project was to have a complete event designed and implemented by the day of the 2019 Sinclair Portfolio show. The date of the show was April 30th 2019.
02 Process
With such a large scale event, it was important that the team worked well together and had a clear plan of what we needed to do. This is where the delegation started to occur. We were each given a set of tasks we had to complete within the Shift brand standards.
With my access and interest in large format printing that was one of the options I chose to look into. The expectation was that I would create a single banner to hang at the event. But our color scheme worked well when using all 4 colors. So I decided to create 2 sets of banners. Each displaying different information. These banners would hang on opposite sides of the auditorium.
Another use for the 4 colors could be to use as a way of categorizing the attendees. There was 2 majors (Visual Communications & Interior Design) as well as faculty/staff and industry professionals. I found that these 4 unique groups could be identified by these colors by how they were utilized in the nametag designs. Which was another component I worked on.
The last component I focused on was 3d keychain tags. These would be given as gifts to all of the industry professionals that were reviewing portfolios that day. It was a unique challenge because it would be the first time I had 3d modeled or printed anything.

Shift portfolio show event banner designs.

03 Reflection
After it was all said and done, I was able to confidently say that April 30th, 2019 was one of the best days of my life. Not only was this project implemented and enjoyed by hundreds of individuals, but I was also able to stand alongside my peers, teachers, friends, and family and share such a joyous moment. 2 years of my life had been devoted to becoming a better designer and learner, and this event was the culmination of it all. When the clock hit 10:00 pm and the event had officially been over for half an hour, I stood there and wondered "why does this have to end?". I enjoyed presenting my work and wrapping up a wonderful two years surrounded by so many amazing designers. This day felt like the end to one journey, and the catalyst to another.

Event nametags for students, faculty and portfolio reviewers.

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