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Huffy Corporation • August 2018–August 2019

6 months • August 2018–August 2019

Project Type
Event design, Brand identity design

Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign
01 Problem • noun • a question raised for inquiry, consideration, or solution.
The objective of this project was to create an event that could introduce kids to the love of biking at a younger age.
The purpose of this project was to reverse a trend of younger kids not biking as much as previous generations. I felt that the best way to do this was to make an event focused around biking with a unique twist. This twist would be the "wacky" that allowed the kids (and parents) the opportunity to dress up for the event.  
The goal of this project was to have a fully designed event in concept. That given the appropriate amount of funding and time could be developed into a functioning event. This event would act as a way of community building.
02 Research • verb • investigate systematically.
• initial research, mood/brand/inspiration boards,
03 Brainstorm • verb • produce an idea or way of solving a problem by holding a spontaneous group discussion.
• sketches, critiques, ideations,
04 Create • verb • to produce through imaginative skill.
• refinements, finalized designs,
05 Test • verb • take measures to check the quality, performance, or reliability of (something), especially before putting it into widespread use or practice.
• final critiques/user testing
06 Improve • verb • make or become better.
• tweaks, subtle changes,
07 Solution • noun • an answer to a problem.
• final deliverables, reflection, how the problem was solved.
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