Design Principles • Autumn 2018 • Initial project
Design Applications I • Autumn 2018 • Initial project
Visual Communications Portfolio • Spring 2019 • Revised project
Initial project • 5 months • August 2018–December 2018
Revisions • 3 months • February 2019–April 2019
Project Type
Brand Identity Design
InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop
01 Project Description
Getting the Ball Rolling
The objective of this project was to generate an idea for a company and build out all of the necessary brand identity elements for it.
The purpose of this semester-long project was to learn about all of the assets needed in a company's brand identity. To create this identity system, I must first create my company. My classmates and I were allowed to explore a company that was realistic or unrealistic. The only parameter is that the company couldn't already exist. With this unique opportunity, I created XIII Frame (pronounced Thirteenth Frame). The company offered bowling on-demand service. This service would provide the experience of bowling, in an "on-the-go" approach. This was done by installing bowling lanes within a semi-trailer that could then be delivered anywhere.
The goal for this project was to have a complete and comprehensive brand identity study by semester's end. The final deliverable would be a culmination of two semester-long courses' worth of work. The final book was bound using post-and-screw that utilized hinges and a custom wooden front and back cover.

Images of the final printed brand book.

02 Process
This project was my first exposure to brand identity design, and thus I went through lots of iterations throughout the process. Iterations are typically a big component of a design project, but this project took it a step further.
I was learning a new design concept. This was its own unique challenge since the project was split across two classes. This was done in part because of the project timeline length and depth of detail going into the project.
With all of this in mind, it is safe to say there was lots of changes along the way. The biggest being a complete redesign coupled with a seemingly never-ending cover change. Ultimately these changes resulted in a more complete branding book with a kick-ass cover in my opinion.
The redesign was an interesting challenge, because it stemmed from the fact that I had learned so much since my original design. I felt I was a stronger designer than I was the months prior. So in order to showcase my newly developed skills, I decided a complete overhaul would be the best approach.

Process images of the brand book cover.

03 Reflection
By the end of this project, I was able to show an in-depth study of brand identity design. Not only was I able to expand my knowledge on this aspect of design, but I was also allowed to work on something I have a passion for. Bowling has been an important part of my life and one of my many hobbies. It was a joy to be able to take my love of bowling and transform it into such a unique design study.
Also, I was able to have a very strong portfolio piece that will be shown for years to come.
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